Advice & precautionary measure

Some places that we present (waterfalls, cascades, top of La Soufrière volcano, hiking ...) may be, to date, dangerous, closed and denied access.

Guadeloupe is known for its waterfalls, cascades, rivers and ponds most beautiful one than the other. Exploring these sites, can make beautiful walks in the rainforest, via traces maintained by the National Park of Guadeloupe. Know that sudden and intense tropical rains can cause severe river flooding, landslides, rockfalls ... The traces can then quickly become dangerous and impassable. Some rivers, ponds (generally not indicated on the guides) may be polluted (homes discharges pesticides in banana plantations, etc ...) and not suitable for swimming or even their simple crossing on foot. When a site is forbidden, panels are installed to warn hikers. Sometimes these signs are destroyed by attackers. Before you go hiking, so it is reasonable and prudent to check with the services of the National Park of Guadeloupe, to see if the sites you want to visit are accessible, dangerous or prohibited.

For information about the state of footpaths, contact us:

- Services of the Guadeloupe National Park (0590 80 86 00)
- National Forestry Office (0590 99 28 99).

On site, meet the National Park guides:

- At the "House of the Forest" on the road of the Crossing
- On the "starting site to the falls of Carbet," for example.

- Check the weather: 68 August 08 0892 0892

- Also read our article on paths and tracks

Follow these safety recommendations, and discover these natural sites, it is really worth, believe us! ;) Good rides!