Rain forest

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Hiking trails & advice

Hiking in Guadeloupe. Discover the Topo-Guide, an indispensable guide. Photos of paths and tracks. Practical advice from the National Park of Guadeloupe.

Bras-David (hiking trail)

This walk, we had already made a few years ago. The pictures that we had brought was of poor quality, we decided in 2014 to revisit this path of David Bras. To find the start of this tour, it's simple ....

Trace des ruisseaux (hiking trail)

On the "route de la Traversée", very close to the house of the forest , here is the "trace (path) of ruisseaux". A stroll in forest, easy, without any difficulty....

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Col des Mamelles (hiking trail)

The "Col des mamelles" is on the "Route de la Traversée", on the village of Pointe-Noire. Height 615 meters. To arrive at the summit, use the staircase which was built by National park. No difficulties for this stroll.

Grand étang (hiking trail)

We can go around the large pond in about an hour. No major difficulties but must be well fitted, slippery ground, roots, rocks .

Tour Houëlmont (hiking trail)

South of Basse Terre, the ride to discover the semi-rainforest, vestiges of colonial cemeteries, the Soufriere Volcano Observatory ...

Corossol (picnic area)

Tropical vegetation everywhere around us. After approximately two kilometers, we arrive at the parking. We discover about twenty of carbets.. The vegetation around us is luxuriant, we are in rain forest. The site is lined by the river Corrosol which still brings some freshness.

Bras-David (picnic area)

We passed dozens of times close to the road leading to the site and never notice it. On the "route de la traversée", two kilometers ...