Marie-Galante island

Marie-GalanteWe spent only one day in Marie-Galante, we should stay at least two or three days. Marie-Galante, round island of 158 km2 (almost the size of Paris). The three municipalities of Marie-Galante are Grand-Bourg, St. Louis and Capesterre ... Nicknamed "grande galette" Marie-Galante has 10 000 inhabitants. Very few cars on this quiet island with nice roads where we discover mills, sugar cane plantations, and very pretty scenery. The coastal road that goes around the island to discover beaches, cliffs .... Marie-Galante ... a leisurely pace of life, a haven of peace, with the added bonus of Marie-Galante really welcoming. We started with the "Express des Iles". Forty five minutes later, we arrive in Grand-Bourg. On arrival of the ship, in the square, many car rental companies. We rented the car on the "Express of ïles" together with the tickets of the boat (the boat round trip € 39.90 per person + car rental for the day, 30 euros) .. The tour begins .... We discover the beach "Feuillère" undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches of Guadeloupe. Turquoise sea, white sand, coconut trees. Really magnificent. "Gueule Grand Gouffre", a natural arch carved by the sea. Also the site of "Caye-Plate" with impressive cliffs.

Marie GalanteMarie Galante Marie-Galante is the island of sugar cane. A mature sugar cane reaches 3-4 meters high. Harvesting takes place during "carême" (dry season). Are harvested only the stem, which serves to the manufacture of cane sugar, or rhum. It can also  press it and get a good juice. The foliage canes is recovered and can be used as fodder for cattle in the dry season. The cane is still  transported with cabrouets "Kabwe" or Creole. This is typical of Marie Galante wagon, pulled by two oxen. Oxen-racing tie rods are held every year from June to November in Marie-Galante and "Grande-Terre". For the occasion the cabrouets heavily loaded (1 300 - 1 7OO kilos depending on the category) are pulled by ox pairs that must climb a steep hill. The course is 9O meters long. Of paris are committed to these races. This is typically a Guadeloupe attraction.

Marie-GalanteMarie-Galante is also the island of a hundred mills including the famous mill "Bézart". Close to this mill can be seen small typical creol houses. They are rebuilding huts with traditional architecture called "gaulette". "These houses with the roof of branches were for slaves.
The village of Capesterre and red roofs, beside the turquoise sea, and its typical church. The Belle-Vue distillery. The estate was founded in the seventeenth century. At first the mill was horse-drawn, and then it became wind traction. Besides, modern facilities .... 400 000 liters of rum per year. Marie-Galante Rum is renowned ...... 59 °! Drink responsibly!

Marie-GalanteMarie-Galante "Maison Murat" a former candy. It was one of the wealthiest farms of Marie Galante. 307 slaves worked there. In 1790 about 11 5OO inhabitants, Marie-Galante had the staggering 9400 slaves. Back to "Grand-Bourg", our starting point, through the rocky coast. Back to Pointe-à-Pitre ... We keep a really beautiful image of Marie-Galante and its inhabitants. What peace on this island! We hope to return one day a little longer to take the time to discover a little better Great Galette, enjoy the kindness and smile of Marie-Galante who are really welcoming and sympatiques! A wonderful souvenir..

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 Start with the express islands ...

Vers Marie-GalanteVers Marie-GalanteMarie galante - Plantations canne à sucre

Landscapes of Marie Galante, and slave houses "in gaulette" ...

Boeuf tirantCases en gauletteMarie-Galante

L'habitation Murat, old sugar factory ...

Habitation MuratHabitation MuratHabitation Murat


Habitation MuratHabitation MuratPlantations canne à sucre

 Marie-Galante beaches...

Plage de la FeuillèrePlage Marie-GalantePlage de la Feuillère


Plage Marie-GalantePlage de la FeuillèrePlage de la Feuillère


Plage de la FeuillèrePlage de la FeuillèreMarie-Galante

The village of Capesterre...

Boeuf tirantCabrouetCapesterre

On the right, the church of Grand-Bourg...


Cliffs "Caye Plate" and Distillery Bellevue (old and new installations)

Marie-GalanteMarie-GalanteDistillerie Bellevue


Distillerie BellevueDistillerie BellevueCôte rocheuse

Mills of Marie-Galante, including the famous Moullin of Bézart ...

Moulin de BézartMoulin de BézartMoulin