Les Saintes

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Les Saintes crépuscule

After 40 minutes by boat , from Trois- Rivières... ( Sea very rough that day ) ...

Iles les Saintes

We discover the Bay of Saintes, Terre-de- Haut.

The Saintes archipelago consists of several islands and islets : Terre de-Haut,  Terre-de-bas , the Grand Islet and the ilet Cabrit.

Baie des Saintes

Baie des Saintes it would seem that bay of Saintes is one of the three most beautiful bay in the world. Bay particularly popular with boaters.

Baie des Saintes

The village...

Le phare et l'embarcadère

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The lighthouse...

Le phare et l'embarcadère


Vue partielle sur le village des Saintes

The Saintois are mostly descendants of Bretagne or Normandie (french departments) . They have white skin (with some nuances ) and light eyes .

La gendarmerie des Saintes

La gendarmerie nationale... typique :)

La baie en montant au fort Napoléon


En montant vers le fort Napoléon

The Saintois are fishing people , it seems they are the best of the West Indies !

Vue sur la Baie des Saintes

The bay

Plage Pompierre cocotiers

Pompierre beach

Plage Pompierre cocotiers

Many coconut palms on this rather wild beach

Plage Pompierre et îles


Plage Pompierre


Plage Pompierre cocotiers et carbet


Plage Pompierre et îles

The cemetary...

Cimetière des Saintes


Départ des Saintes


Au loin, les Saintes