Who are we ?

Christine and Laurent, two tourists who go regularly in Guadeloupe for several years. We are French, we live in Belgium and we work in  Luxembourg. We live between three borders. Every year we leave one month to the Antilles to look for the sun which there is not where we live. After several stay in Guadeloupe and having accumulated a lot of photos, we decided to create this site, horizon-guadeloupe.com. For us, this site is a collection of memories. The album of the places which we discovered during our strolls. In Guadeloupe, we rent a car and we leave every day discovering new places. On average we are about 3 000 km over one month of holidays (it is the car rental company which is satisfied ! :)) We move non-stop, we like not knowing what we are going to discover the next day. Camera over the shoulder we are amazed at everything. Never dulled, we still discover with happiness, landscapes, animals, flora. We like meeting the local population with whom we appreciate particularly to discuss.


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We often receive messages of encouragement via the visitors' book and the forum, (thanks to all!) and some people  ask us if we work for a travel agency or a tourist guide. And so not, nothing of that kind. We work for nobody, we have to sell nothing either:) we just propose, through our photos and articles a little travel at the heart of the Antilles, a virtual visit of the archipelago of Guadeloupe such as we discovered it (on a site without any publicity, it is rather rare to indicate it ! :)

Souvenirs, souvenirs...

Good visit and...  bon voyage to the Caribean !

And...  sorry if the english translation is not perfect.  We make as well as possible ! :)


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