Saint-François - Anse à la Gourde beach

Plage anse à la GourdeThe beach "Anse à la Gourde" is a pretty wild beach. She is still quite popular. Free parking makes it easy to park on weekdays, for against the weekends it is relatively crowded. It is from this parking lot we start the walk towards the path of "Pointe a Cabrit", or hiking leading to "Pointe des Chateaux". Close to the beach there is a holiday bungalow complex, restaurant ... There is no shade on the beach itself (no vegetation, no coconut trees), for there are some cons "handles" back from the beach covered with vegetation (see photos below). To get to the beach "anse à la Gourde", through Saint François (past the casino, along the golf course and the airport) follow the "Pointe des Chateaux". Driving several kilometers, past the nursery school (two speed bumps on the road), past the craft village, continue straight and then at the sign "Honoré roi de la langouste" (photo below), turn left you arrive at the parking ...


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Plage Anse à la Gourde


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Hut on the beach ...

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 the rocky coast ...

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