Beaches of Grande-Terre

Anse-Laborde - Anse Laborde beach

Photos of Anse Laborde beach near Anse-Bertrand. Pretty wild beach, the snack, the little restaurant ...

Anse-Bertrand - Chapelle beach

We discovered this beach completely by accident. We stopped at Anse-Bertrand for a picnic on the roadside, in a carbet . Nice view of the sea. In the distance, on our left...

Saint-Félix - Anse Canot beach

The beach is beautiful, clean, shaded, it is not overcrowded, everyone finds his place. The significant advantage of this beach is...

Saint Félix - Anse Vinaigri beach

We arrive at a small parking lot, in a residential area. In front of us a very well maintained lawn extends the beach. The place is pleasant ...

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Saint-Félix - Pointe de la saline beach

The beach "Pointe de la Saline" between Gosier and Mare-Gaillard is popular with windsurfers and kite surfs ...

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Gosier - Pointe de la verdure beach

Photos from the beach of Gosier. Beach hotels in Pointe de la Verdure. Several beaches ...

Le Moule - Autre Bord beach

Beach "de l'Autre Bord", in "Le Moule" is a beautiful beach, dotted with coconut trees ..

Le Moule - Baie beach

This beach is on the roadside . When we make ​​a stop , we find a nice place. The view is beautiful, the beach is lined with mangroves where you can observe birds

Petit-Canal - Anse Maurice beach

What surprises when you arrive at the beach of Anse Maurice is the steep road down right on the beach. A natural beach ...

Port Louis - Pointe des Sables beach

The beach "Pointe des Sables" is located in the municipality of Port-Louis. Coconut palms and white sand await you. The place is beautiful, it looks nice. The day should be too ...

Port Louis - Souffleur beach

Photos of "Plage du Souffleur" in Port-Louis. Not far from this beach is the marine cemetery of Port-Louis, to see for its tombs shells ...

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Sainte Anne - Bois Jolan beach

East of St. Anne, by the National 4 - Bois Jolan beach. White sand , coconut palms. The beach is protected by the coral reef. The water is shallow....

Sainte Anne - Sainte Anne beach

It is the most famous beach of Guadeloupe, turquoise lagoon, coconut palms and white sand. It is very crowded with tourists ...

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Sainte Anne - Caravelle beach

The Caravelle beach is one of the most beautiful of Guadeloupe. It's the beach of the Club Med ...

Sainte Anne - Gros Sable beach

Covered with a fairly coarse sand, this pretty wild cove shaped beach is uncrowded by tourists, it is popular with surfers ...

Saint-François - Anse à la Gourde beach

The beach "Anse à la Gourde" is a pretty wild beach. Large parking (this is where the ride starts from Pointe a Cabrits) ...

Saint-Francois - Anse Loquet beach

Sometimes we pass close to beautiful beaches that we do not suspect, because not visible from the road, and yet so close. The beach Anse Loquet for example ...

Saint-François - Beach : de la Coulée

The "plage de la Coulée" is part of a series of beaches that follow each other along the road to the "Pointe des Chateaux" (outside Saint Francois)...

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Saint-François - Grande Saline beach

A wild beach, very long. Located at the eastern tip of Grande-Terre, it is very ventilated and pleasant in strong heat ....

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Saint-François - Raisins Clairs beach

Photos from the "Raisins Clairs" beach in Saint-François